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Get the App of The Marketing Planner and receive marketing plans adapted to your brand needs, in real time, online and with artificial intelligence.

Your Marketing Tool

Receive in your mobile device all the marketing plans as your brands and products require.

For Goods and Services

The Marketing Planner allows you to adapt your marketing plans according to the type of product, whether for goods or services.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting (AI Consulting)

Creation and use of the "AI Consulting" method that allows the smart development, with no human intervention, of the diagnostic and business planning processes on real time

How The Marketing Planner works?

THE MARKETING PLANNER is a Mobile App which in an automated way obtains and processes the data provided by the customer through online surveys, to create and to email on real time a digital executive report (PDF file), with the marketing strategies adapted to the needs of the brand and market.

  • Download the APP The Marketing Planner
  • Select your marketing plan for goods or services
  • Complete the online surveys
  • Receive on real time an executive report with your Strategic Marketing Plan

Get a Real Marketing Mix Plan

Product Management

Strategies of goods or services based on all the variables that make up your product or brand.


Strategies based on the variables associated to the value and cost of the product.

Distribution and Logistics

Strategies of logistical accessibility of the product towards customers.


Strategies of communication and promotion of your brand or product.

Digital Marketing

Marketing strategies through online technologies, Internet, digital platforms and electronic devices.


Strategies based on the policies and processes of sales of your brand or product.

About Me


Your Virtual Marketing Advisor. An online APP of marketing planning.


Strategic marketing plans on realtime, online and without human intervention for physical products and/or services.


A digital executive report with my suggested of marketing according to the brand needs, to help my clients to take marketing decisions.


To business, brands, entrepreneurs, executives and consulters that require to take marketing decisions

My Team

The Marketing Planner App has a staff of virtual experts who are specialized in each of the marketing areas.

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